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ESG Strategy

With the newly created ESG Strategy of the Azoty Group, our priority in the 2030 perspective will be sustainable development, implemented by taking measures to protect the environment, care for society and manage corporate governance responsibly.

Green Azoty

The 'Green Azoty' project is a key strategic element of the Azoty Group focusing on: green products, green technologies, green organization. We see the changes in the regulatory environment as an opportunity to take action to reduce environmentally harmful emissions by reducing coal consumption, decarbonization, development of RES and emission-free sources.

Hydrogen Market

We are the largest hydrogen producer in Poland and a major hydrogen processor in Europe. We intend to analyze the development of green hydrogen on an ongoing basis and carry out our own research and development work related to its use and application. We have also joined the European Alliance for Clean Hydrogen in 2021.

Support for agriculture

We support farmers by promoting the idea of regenerative agriculture. We educate on how to conduct agricultural production so as not to harm the natural environment and with respect for its resources. To this end, we are expanding our offer of monitoring and analytics of agricultural land for precise fertilizer application by our customers.

Circular Economy

Polimery Police is our key project and one of the largest investments in the Polish and European chemical industry, which fulfils the requirements of the strategy for a climate neutral circular economy and ensures decarbonisation of plastics throughout their entire life cycle. In 2021, we also continued research and development work, the result of which is expected to expand our portfolio of green products in line with the concept of circular economy.

Product diversification

We are focusing on diversifying our product portfolio - from nitrogen and compound fertilizers, engineering plastics and OXO products to melamine. We are also working on increasing production flexibility.

Sustainable products

At Azoty Group, we want our product offering - both fertilizers and plastics - to be sustainable and responsive to challenges of the contemporary world. We are the first company in Central and Eastern Europe to offer biodegradable plastics. In addition, we have consistently taken steps to reduce energy and raw material consumption in our production processes in 2021.


Letter from the President of the Management Board

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I invite you to read our integrated report for 2021, which was a challenging period for all Grupa Azoty Group companies. 

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The source of the Group’s strength lies in the resources of its members: a single organisation has brought together companies with different traditions and complementary business profiles, seeking to leverage their potential to implement a common strategy. This structure allows us to offer a diverse product mix, ranging from nitrogen and compound fertilizers, engineering plastics, to OXO products and melamine. Tomasz Hinc, President of the Management Board
Key projects in 2021

Polimery Police project

Polimery Police is one of the largest projects in the Polish and European chemical industry, which fulfils the requirements of the strategy for a climate neutral circular economy and ensures decarbonisation of plastics throughout their entire life cycle. It will help diversify the Group’s business, improving Poland’s position among plastics manufacturers and strengthening its independence in terms of energy and raw material supplies. Its purpose is to build propylene and polypropylene units with auxiliary systems and associated infrastructure, as well as to construct a port terminal with feedstock storage facilities. Polypropylene is a chemical compound that can be used in the chemical, pharmaceutical, textile, food, packaging, electronics and automotive industries.

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